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ViewRNA® eZ Assays fully automated RNA in situ hybridization assays

WISH you could easily run RNA

in situ hybridization assays?

From our fully automated assays to our dramatically sensitive results to our superior ViewRNA technology, Affymetrix is reinventing RNA in situ hybridization (RNA ISH). With less than one hour hands on time and single-molecule detection of YOUR RNA target in FFPE tissue sections, ViewRNA eZ Assays make RNA ISH now easier than ever.


Alpha-methylacyl coenzyme A racemase (AMACR; red) in human prostatic adenocarcinoma.


“I tried the new ViewRNA eZ Assays on our Leica Biosystems’ BOND RX and found that the sensitivity and specificity of staining were remarkable. These new assays are easy to run and hands-free. ”

Dr. Paul Shughrue, Prothena Corporation



A full menu of assays.

A fraction of the cost.

We offer a full menu of assays, from catalog assays to custom assays at no additional cost, all shipping within a week. Leveraging over 23 years of RNA bioinformatics expertise, Affymetrix is the leader in designing and manufacturing the most sensitive assays for RNA in situ visualization.

Our assays


Walk-away automation.

Load and go.

Ready for high-throughput tissue staining? ViewRNA eZ Assays simplify assay automation with Leica Biosystems Advanced Staining Instruments with seamless integration into current pathology workflows. Increase sample throughput and obtain reliable, reproducible results with hands-free sample processing from tissue preparation to cover slipping.


Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β; red) in
human bone marrow.

Our technology. Single RNA

molecule detection per cell.

The third generation branched-DNA (bDNA) signal amplification and detection delivers up to 96,000 fold signal amplification for ultra-sensitive and highly specific signal. Each signal dot corresponds to one target molecule. To quantify target expression, simply count the dots.


WISH you could go where

IHC can't?

ViewRNA Assays bring a new level of power and simplicity to RNA ISH, enabling you to visualize targets that may not be easily localized using other technologies. Now you can easily visualize targets for which antibodies are not readily available, secreted proteins (eg. albumin) and long non-coding RNAs in FFPE and fresh frozen tissue sections.
Albumin (red) in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).