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ViewRNA® eZ Assays fully automated RNA in situ hybridization assays

RNA in situ hybridization, reinvented.





WISH RNA ISH assays were

easier to do?

ViewRNA Assays components are developed to work together to achieve the highest possible signal, lowest background, and most stringent specificity.
  • Unhindered by crosslinking
  • Probes readily hybridize, even to partially degraded RNA sequences



WISH you had a better RNA

ISH probe? 

Leveraging over 23 years of RNA bioinformatics expertise, Affymetrix is the leader in designing and manufacturing the most specific and sensitive assays for RNA in situ visualization. Each target RNA sequence is identified using synthetic probes consisting of as many as 40 oligonucleotides. Each oligonucleotide has two components: a lower region that is complementary to the target RNA and an upper region that provides the binding site for the branched-DNA signal amplification structure.

Our assays


Ultra-sensitive signal.

Up to 96,000 fold amplification.

Advancements in branched-DNA signal amplification technology allow for single molecule detection of the target RNA. The amplification structure is built onto the upper region of the probes through sequential hybridization of a series of amplifiers and label probes. The chromogen(s) form a precipitate wherever the target RNA molecules are located. Each signal dot corresponds to one target molecule. To quantify target expression, simply count the dots.





Fast results. Fast answers. 

The ViewRNA eZ Assays allow you to perform RNA in situ hybridization assays with unprecedented speed. Now you can run the assay and have results in just one day, not days or weeks. Which means a fast response to support a faster, better, more informed decision.


Better results.

Better decisions.

By using ViewRNA eZ Assays you will gain a better understanding of the disease, enabling you to make better decisions. With single RNA molecule sensitivity and essentially no background, you can trust that the signal reveals the biology and is not due to a staining artifact. At Affymetrix we are experts at assays development and when using our assays you can have the confidence that the results are revealing the biology in the sample.