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QuantiGene ViewRNA miRNA Probe Set Catalog

QuantiGene ViewRNA miRNA Probe Sets

Your new miRNA target probe set(s) can be designed and synthesized at no additional cost. Please provide requested information and provide any information on any special design requirements. Allow 3 weeks for delivery of a By Request QuantiGene ViewRNA miRNA Probe Set.

QuantiGene ViewRNA miRNA Probe Sets are designed, manufactured and packaged for use with QuantiGene ViewRNA miRNA ISH Cell Assay.

Species Catalog Number Sequence Contains the Phrase  
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141 records were found
TYPE 1miR-1HUMAN, MOUSEuggaauguaaagaaguauguauVM1-10228
TYPE 1miR-155RAT, MOUSEuuaaugcuaauugugauagggguVM1-10229
TYPE 1miR-15aHUMAN, MOUSEuagcagcacauaaugguuugugVM1-10230
TYPE 1miR-15bHUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuagcagcacaucaugguuuacaVM1-10231
TYPE 1miR-16HUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuagcagcacguaaauauuggcgVM1-10232
TYPE 1miR-17HUMAN, RAT, MOUSEcaaagugcuuacagugcagguagVM1-10233
TYPE 1miR-20aHUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuaaagugcuuauagugcagguagVM1-10234
TYPE 1miR-20bHUMAN, MOUSEcaaagugcucauagugcagguagVM1-10235
TYPE 1miR-21HUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuagcuuaucagacugauguugaVM1-10236
TYPE 1miR-24HUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuggcucaguucagcaggaacagVM1-10237
TYPE 1miR-29aHUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuagcaccaucugaaaucgguuaVM1-10238
TYPE 1miR-29bHUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuagcaccauuugaaaucaguguuVM1-10239
TYPE 1miR-30aHUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuguaaacauccucgacuggaagVM1-10240
TYPE 1miR-30dHUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuguaaacauccccgacuggaagVM1-10241
TYPE 1miR-30bHUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuguaaacauccuacacucagcuVM1-10242
TYPE 1miR-34aHUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuggcagugucuuagcugguuguVM1-10243
TYPE 1miR-34bHUMANcaaucacuaacuccacugccauVM1-10244
TYPE 1miR-93HUMAN, RAT, MOUSEcaaagugcuguucgugcagguagVM1-10245
TYPE 1miR-107HUMAN, RAT, MOUSEagcagcauuguacagggcuaucaVM1-10246
TYPE 1miR-122HUMAN, RAT, MOUSEuggagugugacaaugguguuugVM1-10247