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Assay Performance Highlights

ViewRNATM HC Screening Assay

Sample Type Cultured cells (adherent and suspension)
Species Any
Limit of Detection (LOD) 1 mRNA molecule/cell
Plex Level 1 to 4-plex
Assay Format 96- or 384-well plates
Detection Fluorescent
Instrumentation Imaging system of epi-fluorescence microscope

Automation of Assay for HTS Applications—Five Hours from Fixation to Image Analysis

The ViewRNA HC Screening Assay  has been packaged for ease of use with semi- or fully automated systems. Reagents are shipped to be compatible with a residual volume technique to minimize cell loss. Compatible imaging systems include: CellWorX Fx, InCell 1000, ImageExpress Micro, Opera and Acumen eX3. Contact us for the latest list of compatible instrumentation.

Workflow for ViewRNA automated platform


The ViewRNA HC Screening Assay for cultured cells has been packaged for ease of use with semi- or fully automated systems. Read More ...


Data Analysis


Visualization and quantification of IL-8 expression in PMA induced HeLa cells. Read More ...


Quantification of Data from Images


Figure 3. Quantification of target mRNA expression from images. CyteSeer image analysis software, available from Vala Sciences, is a fully automated cell image analysis tool that enables a quantitative, scalable approach.... Read More ...


Visualization of siRNA Knockdown


ViewRNA HC Screening Assay can be used for fast and easy quantitation and visualization of siRNA knockdown in cultured cells in a high throughput format. In this application, HPRT1 (target) and ACTB (control) are simultaneously detected in HeLa cells. The HPRT1 siRNA knockdown efficiency can be visualized and quantified. Read More ...


Compound Screening


ViewRNA HC Screening Assay was used for compound screening to simultaneously analyze the expression of three target mRNAs in HeLa cells. Read More ...


Time Course Studies


The assay can be very easily used for monitoring time course studies providing visual information as well as quantitative analysis. In addition one can analyze whole well data as well as understand expression heterogeneity within the cell population. In this application the expression of IL-6 (green) and IL-8 (red) in PMA induced HeLa cells was analyzed. Overall levels of IL-6 and IL-8 induction in HeLa cells at various time points after PMA treatment as determined by in situ analysis and QuantiGene 2.0 assay were in excellent agreement. Read More ...


Selected Publications

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