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ViewRNATM CTC Platform to isolate and characterize circulating tumor cells (CTCs)

Easy, fast, flexible, and reliable isolation and characterization of CTCs

circulating tumor cell (CTC) analysis circulating tumor cell (CTC) analysis circulating tumor cells (CTCs) analysis circulating tumor cells (CTCs) analysis

Why Study Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)?

  • Understand mechanisms of disease and tumor progression (biology of metastasis)
  • Address fundamental questions about clinical utility of CTCs

ViewRNA CTC Platform – Unique Benefits

  • Accessible technology – No equipment required for CTCs isolation
    Isolate a variety of CTCs, live or fixed, by size for subsequent molecular characterization directly on the capture filter
  • Easy and fast – Single-use filtration devices for CTCs isolation
    Isolation device, not EpCAM dependent, enables capture of fixed or live cells, in ~3 minutes. No special training required
  • Sensitive and specific – Single-molecule RNA per cell
    Novel RNA in situ hybridization assay to visualize single-copy RNA molecules and their location in a single CTC. Sensitivity and exceptional specificity are enabled by simultaneous signal amplification and background suppression.
  • Multiplex analysis – Analyze up to 4 RNA targets per CTC
    Study one to four RNA targets per CTC
  • Flexible platform – Study your target of interest in CTCs and primary tumor
    New assays for your target/targets of interest are developed in less then a week at no additional cost. Compare CTC profiles with those of the primary tumor; companion in situ RNA assays available for FFPE tissues

Isolate and characterize CTCs – Overview

ViewRNA CTC Platform combines two breakthrough technologies to enable easy, accessible, affordable, sensitive and specific system to enumerate and characterize circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and other rare cells. ScreenCell® isolation devices are innovative single-use devices that isolate by size, a large spectrum of tumor cells, live or fixed, including mesenchymal cells, cancer stem cells, microembolii and cancer cells of non-epithelial origin. ViewRNA in situ hybridization assays enable multiplex, single-copy RNA sensitivity and exceptional specificity enabled by simultaneous branched DNA signal amplification and background suppression. Together, these two technologies provide a powerful and seamless integration of CTC isolation and molecular characterization for translational research.

Assay Performance Highlights

ScreenCell® filtration device - isolation of circulating tumor cells
Sample Type Peripheral blood or PBMC
Species Human
Isolation Type Live cells Fixed cells
Cell Culture expansion Yes No
Max. Blood input vol. 6 mL 3 mL
ViewRNA Assay - characterization
Plex level 1 to 4-plex
Assay format 24-well plates
Sensitivity 1 RNA molecule
Detection Flourescence
Instrumentation Flourescence microscope or imaging system

Publications – Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Analysis

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