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miRNA Analysis: QuantiGene Singleplex miRNA and ViewRNA In Situ Hybridization Assays

miRNA_microRNA_analysis_research_assay miRNAs are small, non-coding molecules of 20-23 nucleotides, that have emerged as key regulators in diverse biological processes that underlie the development and physiology of complex organisms. Recently, there is also increasing evidence implicating abnormal miRNA expression in human cancers and neurological disorders. Significant advances in the field of miRNA research have been made possible in part through the introduction of novel research tools, enabling investigators to discover, profile, quantify, validate, and functionally analyze miRNAs. However, the quantitation of miRNAs and the analysis of miRNAs in situ has been challenging and limited by sensitivity and specificity.

QuantiGene Assays for miRNA Research - Unrivaled Specificity and Sensitivity

At Affymetrix we offer innovative tools for miRNA quantitation and for miRNA in situ visualization. Our innovative tools are based on the clinically proven branched DNA (bDNA) signal amplification technology used in the FDA-approved HIV and HCV viral load assays sold by Siemens under the trade name VERSANT®, and offer trusted results in every run and a seamless transition from quantitative lysate based assays to in situ visualization of miRNAs.

The QuantiGene Singlplex miRNA Assay provides direct from lysates/tissue homogenates measurement with excellent specificity for mature target miRNA. Based on proprietary chemistry for probes design and synthesis, and bDNA signal amplification, the assay provides accurate and precise miRNA quantitation. The assay eliminates sample loss and biases associated with miRNA purification, cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification providing high precision and accuracy with tight correlation coefficients (CVs).

ViewRNA miRNA ISH Cell Assay overcomes common challenges associated with in situ hybridization by improving target retention and specificity by incorporating novel probe design with proprietary nucleic acid chemistry, and employing a second generation bDNA signal amplification system to allow visual detection of miRNA expression. The assay allows for simultaneous analysis of one miRNA and up to two mRNAs in the same assay, opening new avenues in miRNA research. Each punctated dot represents one molecule of the miRNA or mRNA enabling accurate visualization of these targets.

  miRNA Quantitation

Accurately and precisely analyze

miRNA expression direct from lysates

and tissue homogenates. Each

probe is functionally validated

for sensitivity & specificity.

QuantiGene Singleplex miRNA Assays

  In Situ miRNA Visualization

Sensitive single-molecule miRNA &

mRNA detection in cells. Fully

understand the regulatory role of

miRNAs in disease states by

simultaneously analyze miRNA & mRNA.

ViewRNA miRNA ISH Cell Assay

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