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Assays for lncRNA Expression Analysis: QuantiGene® and ViewRNA In Situ Hybridization


Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) and large intergenic non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) are transcribed RNA molecules greater than 200 nucleotides in length and are expressed across the genome. Okazaki et al (1) determined that a large portion of the mammalian transcriptome does not code for proteins and defined lncRNA as a significant class of transcripts. LncRNA expression profiles are altered in several types of cancer as well as in other human diseases like Alzheimer's disease (2).

Solutions for lncRNA and lincRNA Expression Analysis and Validation

At Affymetrix, we offer innovative and unique assays that are applied on a regular basis for lncRNA research from discovery to clinical research, validation and analysis. QuantiGene Assays for lncRNA analysis are based on the clinically proven branched DNA (bDNA) signal amplification technology used in the FDA-approved HIV and HCV viral load assays sold by Siemens under the trade name VERSANT®. Our assays provide high specificity (detect only the target non-coding transcript), sensitivity and dynamic range.

The QuantiGene Plex Plex and Singleplex Assays for lncRNA analysis is a Luminex based, cost-effective, robust method of screening hundreds of lncRNAs across large sample sets. Probes for lncRNA and mRNA can be combined in the same assay for simultaneous analysis in the same sample well. Quantify up to 80 lncRNA/mRNA targets per well directly from your sample with no RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis or PCR amplification, reducing steps and minimizing biases. The assay is compatible with FFPE (including H&E stained samples) and frozen tissue homogenates, cell lysates, blood and other clinical or challenging sample types.

ViewRNA Assays are novel RNA in situ hybridization (ISH) assays enabling localization and quantitation of lncRNA in cells, CTCs or tissues in singleplex and multiplex assay formats. ViewRNA Assays offer sensitive single-molecule lncRNA detection with virtually no background. Our multiplex assays allow for simultaneous lncRNA and mRNA analysis. The protocol is similar to IHC and allows for a seamless incorporation into your current workflow.

  LncRNA Expression Analysis

Accurately and precisely analyze

changes in expression across panels

of lncRNAs, lincRNAs & mRNAs with

no RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis

or PCR amplification.

QuantiGene Plex Assays on Luminex

LncRNA in situ Analysis in Tissue Samples

Assess gene expression levels with

morphological context with simple &

reliable assays. Single-molecule

lncRNA detection in frozen & FFPE

tissue sections, TMAs & FNAs.

ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay

LncRNA in situ Analysis in Cell Samples

In situ lncRNA visualization in

adherent and suspension cultured cells

with robust and sensitive assays.

Single-molecule detection of

your lncRNA in one day!

ViewRNA ISH Cell Assay

  LncRNA in situ Analysis in CTCs

Robust analysis of lncRNAs in CTCs

isolated from blood.

ViewRNA CTC Platform


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1. Okazaki Y., et al. Analysis of the mouse transcriptome based on functional annotation of 60,770 full-length cDNAs. Nature 420: 563-573 (2002).
2. Faghihi M. A., et al. Expression of a noncoding RNA is elevated in Alzheimer’s disease and drives rapid feed-forward regulation of beta-secretase. Nature Medicine 14: 723-730 (2008).

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