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Infectious Disease: Applications

In situ Imaging of HIV gag-pol RNA Using the Quantigene ViewRNA assay

"QuantiGene ViewRNA assay used to mreasure presence and amount of HIV infected macrophages." Show More


HCV detection in HuH7 cells using the QuantiGene ViewRNA Assay

"QuantiGene ViewRNA assay is ideal for detection of viral transcripts as seen in the adherent cell line infected with HCV.Show More

Nuclear translocation of the H1N1 virus visualized using the QuantiGene ViewRNA assay

"The QuantiGene ViewRNA is ideal for visualizing viral trafficking within the host cell." Show More


Evaluation of pertussis vaccine toxicity using the QuantiGene Plex Assay

"Gene expression was used to measure the toxciity of pertussis vaccine ..."Show More